About the Greenstar WES Group


About the Greenstar WES Group of companies specialises in the recycling of both plastics and chemical wastes as well as operating its own Packaging Compliance Scheme. A strategy of investment in state of the art recycling technology enables us to develop solutions to the latest waste recycling issues. With production facilities based at the world famous Wilton International complex on Teesside and drawing on many years’ collective experience in Chemicals, Plastics and the Packaging Compliance sector, The wes group is able to provide its customers with both innovative and cost effective solutions to difficult waste problems.

Our core activities are:


Proactive Waste Exchange

Finding markets for wastes especially chemicals and plastics.  Unlike most Waste Exchange take positions to buy and sell materials.  We are waste brokers, waste carriers, alcohol trading registered and have a recycling site with a waste management licence.

Plastics Recycling

We recycle in excess of 12,000 tonnes per annum of difficult plastic scrap such as metalised and printed film, bulk sacks and car materials etc. In our unique scrap to compound one pass process.  We expect to double this capacity over the next couple of years.

Packaging Compliance

We operate one of the original 13 packaging compliance schemes which focus on practical recycling and compliance with a high service level.

Recycling Consultancy

We operate our wide range of marketing and practical ability on a consultancy basis. We have performed a wide range of projects for both blue chip and medium/small companies.

Greenstar WES Group Company Timeline
  • Company started – First waste catalogue published
  • Limited Company formed
  • Wespack Compliance Scheme Started
  • Erema 80VE purchased
  • Moved to Boathouse Lane
  • Erema 80TVE purchased


  • Erema 70TVE purchased
  • Moved to Wilton 120TVE purchased
  • Erema 160TVE purchased

Greenstar Environmental Recycling Ltd Timeline

Visit Greenstar Environmental Recycling Ltd’s website to view their company timeline.

Our expansion continues as we follow our key policies of

  • Customer Service
  • Practical recycling Solutions
  • Value for money
  • Process Efficiency
  • Recruitment of top quality staff

We were the first plastics recycling company to employ PICME (Process Industries Centre of Manufacturing Excellence) to improve our production process.

We moved to Wilton in the midst of chemical plants to ensure that our safety standards were World Class.

We commit to buying the best equipment and in January 2006 commissioned one of the most advanced 160mm Eremas ever built and the first UK installed Vecoplan with a torque drive.

We would welcome you to join the ranks of our satisfied customers and give us the chance to solve your waste problems.