Environmental consultancy


Environmental Consultancy, Greenstar WES offers a wide range of practical consultancy. We have many years practical experience in designing and running recycling plants, marketing waste materials and recycled products, developing recovery processes with third parties.

  • Practical recycling & plant design
  • Markets for waste materials
  • Waste minimisation & recycling surveys
  • Practical waste management

Services Offered By The Greenstar WES Group


We try to ensure that all our advise is concise, economic to implement and practical.  We apply our hard won experience in how companies produce waste to help you design systems that work.

We have performed work for a wide range of blue chip companies, as well as smaller organisations, including work in the Falklands for the MOD and Australia as an expert witness.

We perform consulting in these areas (in addition to consultancy performed as part of our Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme function).

  • We can design recycling routes and processes for waste plastics and chemicals
  • We perform market surveys for waste materials and recycled products.  We cover price, specification and other useful data to enable you to convert your waste into a product.
  • We perform on site waste minimisation and recycling audits with advice on collection methods, equipment and markets.