Recycling Capabilities- Recycling Waste Plastics


The Recycling division is one of the UK’s premiere recyclers of post-use rigid and flexible plastics. Our aim is to supply specified recycled compounds that meet customer’s requirements on fitness for purpose, continuity of supply, cost and effect on the environment.

The Greenstar WES Group has been recycling plastic scrap since 1999; starting with an output of around 700 tonnes per annum we now recycle in excess of 12,000 tonnes per year, with plans for further expansion of capacity later this year. From our humble beginnings ongoing process development has allowed the plant to become highly proficient in the recycling of a wide range of rigid plastics, especially in polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene both industrial and post-use in origin.

Our products

Our finished product are recompounded pellets of recycled raw materials which in many cases can substitute your prime virgin materials or be used in a blend to reduce you’re your material costs.

Working together with our customers we are able to tailor our compounds to meet specific requirements. Melt flow (MFI), Colour and impact strength are just a few of the parameters that we are able to modify.

Specifications and samples of our standard grades can be provided on request.
For more information please contact our commercial department +44 (0)1642 442080.

Visit Greenstar’s website for information regarding their full recycling capabilities.

Toll Processing

Our plant can also be used to re-process material for you. Facilities including shredding, granulation and compounding. We are also able to offer a ‘washing service’ in which polymers can be separated and cleaned from other polymer types or other contamination such as dirt, metal, paper. If you are interested in deploying our plant for this purpose please click here for more information.

Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN’s)

If your company is required to meet recovery and/or recycling obligations we can supply the necessary PRN’s. Please click here for more information.

Selling Plastics to Greenstar WES

We recycle three plastics in large volumes:- Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene (PS). We will also consider any other types of plastic material for purchase.

For a new supply of waste plastic we will usually require a sample or a photo and a brief history of the material to assess the possibility of using it in our process.

We are able to collect waste from your site and using our extensive logistics network we are able to collect from all over the UK and Europe.

If you have any plastic material to offer please contact our commercial department or complete our online enquiry from by clicking here.