Chemical Surplus and Recycling Waste


Chemical Surplus Recycling and recovery, finding outlets for surplus and sidestream chemicals has long been the prime area of expertise for Greenstar WES. With Over 30 years experience let us be your partner to reduce your waste costs and find a valuable secondary use for your chemicals. We are not a traditional waste management company , we are specialists in recovery, recycling and reuse.

Services Offered By The Greenstar WES Group


Surplus Chemicals

If your stock is past its expiry date, unused and still its in original packaging it may well have a value. Send us the details and we will advertise them on our website. Click here to email us

Recovered Chemicals

Save money by using quality recovered chemicals in your application. Greenstar WES will assure the quality and provide samples.

See our list of available chemicals

Toll Processing / Solvent Recovery

With over 30 years experience let us guide you through the challenge of recovering your solvents on selected ISOI 9001 / 14000 sites. Alternatively we will offer you the best deal to take your solvents for recovery. Enquiry form